Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo

Nurse Jamie on Extra expert explored the new, non-invasive alternative to liposuction and said, "Eighty-nine percent of people see dramatic results even after the first treatment."


Skin care expert and aesthetic nurse guru Jamie Sherrill is recognized as one of the top experts in Los Angeles in the area of beauty. She was hand-selected early in her career to be on elite list of experts, a 'technological task force,' to test the latest in laser technological advancements. Her expertise has kept her at the forefront of medical aesthetic improvements.


The Daily Buzz as seen on the daily buzz Dr. Michael Plaman performed laser lipo on The Daily Buzz host, Mitch English. As a well known nine-year veteran of the show and occasional stand-up comic, Mitch has to look his best and be fully present and energized on a daily basis. That's why the new technology of laser lipo was the ideal solution for him to restore his body and face to a more youthful look without time off from the set.


The Doctors-. Andrew Ordon discussed the laser Lipo solution, that can take inches off your thighs, abdomen, or other treated areas, in just one hour, without surgery. Dr. Ordon explained that the dermis normally holds fat in place, but sometimes it gives way and fat cells pop, creating cellulite, which Dr. Ordon called "fat gone wild."

I- Lipo is a revolutionary, non-invasive body shaping and cellulite reduction technology. The low level laser stimulates the body's natural process for releasing its stored energy from adipose tissue, shrinking those fat cells and delivering body-shaping results. This non-destructive approach to fat reduction can be used year-round on all skin types.


Clinical studies have confirmed the efficacy of the laser to deliver body shaping results. All parts of the body can be treated where fat is stored, including the waistline, thighs, arms, leg and even under the chin.

A study was conducted on 15 patients (12 women, three men) during a course of eight laser lipo treatment sessions over four weeks. Patients all had a history of resistant areas which previously demonstrated little improvement with diet and exercise alone. Seven subjects had treatment on their thighs, eight had treatment done on their abdomens.


After five laser lipo treatments, a histological and biological analysis was performed. Using light microscopy and assaying glycerol collagen synthesis levels, untreated human skin explants were compared to laser lipo treated tissue. The results can be seen here (below, left). After nine treatments, iDXA X-ray analysis showed a 152% increase in fat reduction in treated areas, 200% increase in lean muscle mass in treated areas, and a circumferential reduction of nine centimeters.

  • On average, a 4.16 cm circumference reduction was measured on the abdomen, and 1.5 cm circumference reduction was measured on the thigh.
  • Echography, or ultrasound fat thickness measurements, showed an average of 5.6 mm reduction in the fat layer thickness, or 4.0 mm with compression.
  • Overall, an 18% reduction of thickness in adipose tissue was observed on average, for all subjects.
  • Fatty tissue mass reduction averages of 4.8% in the abdomen, and 2.41% in the thigh were measured; one subject reduced fatty tissue mass by 7.84%.
  • Subjects all showed a visible thinning of the hypodermis (fat layer), a reduction of average fat cell size, and a reduction of fibrosis divisions between the fat lobules.
  • Modification of fat cell membranes was observed, including flattening or elongation of the fat cell shape compared to the normal, globular shape of filled capacity fat cells.
  • There was no observed necrosis or destruction of adjacent structures (epidermis, microvasculature, or dermal collagen).


Based on results from a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study of 34 volunteers, the FDA found that over 70% of participants experienced significant inch loss, thus validating the use of laser lipo to target specifically chosen anatomical areas for fat reduction. The results represented more than double the percentage difference for meeting significant results as defined by the FDA.



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